2016 Election: Which Candidates Support Cannabidiol (CBD) and Medical Marijuana?

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As the race to win the 2016 presidential election builds momentum, as a business owner, you should consider which candidate supports the legalization of medical marijuana. It’s crucial for the expanse of the medical marijuana industry including Cannabidiol (CBD) manufacturers, retailers, and entrepreneurs abroad. There’s going to be a lot of hot-button issues in the coming election, but none being more popular than the legalization of MMJ. As more and more states continue to move towards legalization or more lenient laws, the country as a whole has become much more accepting of the many benefits of the cannabis plant. But, which 2016 presidential candidate boasts the most support for legalization and removing restrictions that are preventing the advancement of Cannabidiol as an accepted medicine?

The problem is that many major news companies aren’t discussing it as much as they should be. Could it be because Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (Democrat) is the only candidate who has has very vocally shown his support for states who wish to legalize and regulate the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational use? Possibly.

In the very first 2016 Democratic presidential debate, Sen. Sanders outright said he would vote “yes” on an effort to legalize medical and adult use of marijuana in Nevada (this initiative is set to appear on the 2016 ballot in Nevada). Then, only a few weeks later, he announced his intention to propose an initiative that would strip marijuana from the federal drug schedules and allow states to regulate the plant similarly to how states regulate alcohol.

Here’s why this legislation is important: it would allow businesses in the marijuana industry access to banking services and apply for standard tax deductions that aren’t available to them due to federal laws surrounding the plant. 2016 Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who has publicly discussed this plan and hopes to help solve some of the problems our industry is facing.

Another candidate that supports medical marijuana is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (Republican). Sen. Paul consistently supports each state’s rights to create their own policies surrounding marijuana and has been an avid supporter of decriminalization of marijuana possession. The only caveat: it’s hard for Sen. Paul to get a word in during the debates, so many people don’t know where he stands on issues like these.

It’s critical that those in the industry become knowledgeable about which candidates are in support, as well as against, medical marijuana. 2015 has turned out to be a great year in the cannabis industry, with 2016 estimated to be even bigger. We need to come together and become informed on which presidential candidate supports the legalization efforts of medical marijuana and who can help accelerate the industry in positive and healthy way. Keep checking back to stay informed about the 2016 presidential election!

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