Alberta withdraws from ceasing 4-year old’s cannabidiol (CBD) treatment

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August 28, 2015 A.B – Cannabidiol is a derived from the non-intoxicating parts of cannabis and is widely recognized as treatment for difficult-to-control seizures. Although there is little substantial evidence linking the effects that Cannabidiol has on seizures according to medical studies, this cannabis-derived substance has been therapeutically beneficial to a four-year-old Alberta child.

A local mother resorted to Cannabidiol to control her daughter’s frequent seizures when pharmaceutical drugs did not work, and was extremely grateful when the substance “significantly reduced” her daughter’s seizures.

Last week, the Crown received a request to cease Cannabidiol treatment on the four-year-old, which was withdrawn officially this past Friday.

“Brian Fish, lawyer for the girl’s mother, says the Crown has withdrawn a request for an order that would have forced his client to stop giving her daughter Cannabidiol and submit her to conventional treatment.

“Somebody believed that Cannabidiol is illegal and that is a basis for apprehending the child. That is not a basis under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act,” Fish said outside a courtroom in Leduc, south of Edmonton, after the application was withdrawn”

The mother and daughter – who’s names are protected under the coverage of  Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act – were in the process of obtaining medical marijuana exemption for the child prior to being called to court.

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