Cannabidiol (CBD) oil credited for reviving dog from gunshot wounds

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A Canine dog, Samson, that was shot severally and left for dead over the weekend in Harvey County, Kansas, is currently recuperating after doses of Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil extracted from marijuana plants was administered in treating the dog.

A healthy medical supplement, Cannabidiol Oil, extracted from marijuana plant is been credited for restoring the dog’s health condition, after Samson full of over six close-range gun-shot wounds was found on a field by a farmer’s wife. Samson was turned-over to K9 Karma Animal Advocates in Wichita by the farmer and his wife.

Paleo Pets, the Animal Rescue Shelter with another Wichita-based company that produces essential, medical marijuana supplements for pets in the county promptly took measures to treat the dog’s bullet-ridden body. Presently, Samson’s left eye is blinded, bullets are still stocked in his shoulder blades and his tongue is severely wounded.

Officials of Paleo Pet uphold that there is less than 1 per cent content of THC in the CBD oil, hence, there is not enough THC content in the CDB Oil to give an animal ‘a high.’ Also PETA officials do unanimously support medical marijuana cannabidiol treatments for animals.

Initially, the Canine dog struggled with his back leg, however, K9 Karma Animal Shelter officials positively reported that now Samson can stand, walk, and is able to use the bathroom on his own and pain medications have been reduced.

Despite great improvement in the dog’s health condition, Samson still has to undergo surgery to extract his blinded left eye, and the removal of bullets in his back. Even at that, he is expected to become very healthy officials report.

Meanwhile, local authorities intend to conduct ballistic test on the bullets in an effort to apprehend the individual(s) involved in this deadly shooting.

Momentarily, Samson is under the auspices of Jessica Sherwood who had been taking care of the animal in her home.

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