CBD Banned in UK

Breaking News: CBD Sales Banned! Companies in U.K. Have 28 Days to Cease Marketing and Selling CBD

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In the UK the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regualtion Agency) has caved to the pharmaceutical industry, declaring that CBD (cannabidiol) is a medicine and may not be marketed and sold as a supplement. CBD has never been shown to have any harmful effects and is being used with great success as a supplement with great efficacy across the world, providing relief from a variety of ailments which the medical industry has been unable to address succesfully.

This will have a calamitous effect on the tens of thousands of people in the UK who will return to living lives of desperation during the years it will take for official “medical” versions of cbd to make it through the lengthy drug approval pipeline. Or, more likely, they will have to return to use of dangerously impure hemp oil or worse when in 28 days pure cbd isolate becomes unavailable throughout the UK.

This is, however, great news for the manufacturers of Epidiolex, coming four days after they got their successful third phase trial results for Epidiolex, which is for epilepsy only.

What stings is that there are many many supplements extracted from plants which are used very successfully and safely by millions of people for a wide variety of purposes. This particular extract is so incredibly effective and useful that the temptation to restrict and regulate it’s use is having unfortunate effects on regulatory agencies. While there are many bad cbd prodcuts on the market sold by the unscruplous, existing regulations regarding purity of supplements and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) have proven to be adequate to protect the public.

Meanwhile tobacco companies are free to extract pure nicotine from tobacco and use it to increase the potency of their cigarettes and for use in vaping.

Let’s hope that the rest of the world has shows better sense and more compassion for those who rely on CBD.

By George Bennet,
freelance journalist

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