CBD (Cannabidiol) for Schizophrenia

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For many years, cannabis use has been associated with an increased risk of developing psychosis. However, recent studies have revealed that the active-substance and constituent in Cannabis known as Cannabidiol (CBD) may just have antipsychotic capabilities that suppress dopamine receptor activity. Subsequently, CBD could potentially be the TREATMENT of schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders that doctors have been looking for since ages. Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at these studies below that concisely discuss the role of endocannabinoid system in the development of psychosis and the antipsychotic properties of CBD:

Recent Studies on CBD and its Effects on Schizophrenia

Cannabidiol, the active substance found in cannabis can relieve the symptoms of schizophrenia by helping to normalize the brain metabolism. This claim can further be backed up by this video that discusses the story of a young musician. Yannick Noval was only 20 years old, when he began experiencing the symptoms of schizophrenia. In the video, he claims to see everything, but feeling like he wasn’t in his body. This is known to be “sensations of unreality”, a common experience most schizophrenia patients claim to understand. Moving on, Yannick knew he needed help with the increased occurrences of these sensations.

Luckily, he began treatment early with Dr. Markus Leweke, who was testing a new type of drug. This drug was no other than CBD! CBD was known to significantly reduce the symptoms and episodes of schizophrenia by helping restore normal brain metabolism. Another review published in January 2014 in European Neuropsychopharmacology, also revealed that CBD may be useful as an antipsychotic agent. Researchers found in general that the use of cannabis with high CBD content can result in both lower risk for developing psychosis, as well as a later age of experiencing the illness again. CBD also lead to better cognitive function and fewer symptoms of hallucinations or delusions. Another EEG study found that administration of CBD also helped improve the processing of auditory signals, which is usually reduced in patients suffering from schizophrenia.

These small-scale clinical studies with CBD reveal that it can be used as a treatment for various psychotic symptoms and it has the potential of being a well-tolerated, effective and safe antipsychotic compound.

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