CBD PUR US becomes first to obtain Pharmaceutical Grade Certification for a CBD product

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CBD PUR US  is proud to announce its’ Pure CBD Isolate
has obtained Pharma Grade Certification,
the first to reach this level in the CBD market space.


Despite common belief, not all supplements are created equal. Let it be known to all consumers of Cannabidiol (CBD) supplements that form, purity, grade, bio-availability, and verification by a 3rd party all are important factors that contribute to the effectiveness of products. There are four categories of supplements:

Pharmaceutical Grade
The highest quality grade. This means that an 3rd-party source has verified that the purity, absorbtion, and dissolution meet the highest regulatory standard. Pharmaceutical Grade supplements sometimes require a prescription by a licensed practitioner.

Medical Grade
Also high-grade however does not meet same standards as pharmaceutical grade.

Cosmetic or Nutritional Grade
Usually sold in health food stores, might not be tested for same things as pharmaceutical grade. Also these products can sometimes have variations in consistency.

Feed or Agricultural Grade
Not considered for human consumption. Meant for animals and veterinarian practice.

CBD PUR US is proud to be the first pharma grade certified CBD product on the market.

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