Colombia To License Medical Cannabis Use

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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has signed legislation into law regulating the licensed production and exportation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Under the new policy, those seeking to grow medicinal cannabis commercially or manufacturer cannabis-based medicinal products may apply with government agencies for licensure. Regulators will also grant permits to those seeking to export medicinal cannabis products out of the country.

Santos said that the goal of the policy, “is for patients to be able to access medications made in Colombia which are safe, high-quality and accessible. It’s also an opportunity to promote scientific research in our country.”

While existing laws allow for the personal possession and cultivation of cannabis, the plant’s commercial production, manufacture, and sale had not been permitted.

Federally licensed medical marijuana production and distribution is presently permitted in Canada, Israel, and the Netherlands.

In 2013, Uruguay officials approved marijuana legislation authorizing the retail production and sale of cannabis to those age 18 and older. Consumers are anticipated to be able to begin purchasing cannabis in Uruguay at state-licensed pharmacies by mid-2016.

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