What is the mission of the company?
CBD PUR US is focused on helping individuals acquire clean and pure CBD for their private needs as CBD explodes in the natural herbal market. The 1 gram provides easy safe formulation into any oil of their choice at home, saving thousands of dollars from the price of retail CBD supplementation products.

Is it really Pure CBD Powder?
CBD PUR US achieves 99.99+ % purity by combining an extensive background in chemistry, research, breeding, planting, seed business, and industrial production. The final processing of the crystalline product takes place at our laboratory. The result of the extraction process is a pure 99.99%+ Cannabidiol (CBD) extract. The extracted Cannabidiol (CBD) is a raw crystallized powder without the heavy metals that are in Hemp Oil Paste.

Is it Safe?
CBD PUR US has undergone complete testing by the top laboratories in the United States. We believe we can make the following statement with confidence: “Unless PURE Isolate CBD is used in CBD product manufacturing and formulation, your products may contain harmful heavy metals and this in turn can cause illness, toxins and major business liabilities – this is not a scare statement, it is a fact.

What is the recommended serving size?
The best serving size is actually determined by each user’s metabolism. Each individual finds his own particular serving size required to find efficacy.
We have found however that on average patients benefit most from 15-25 mg servings

Why is CBD safer than oils and paste?
CBD paste products may be contaminated by pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and dangerous microbes. Pesticides are neurotoxic, which could be quite dangerous to children with epilepsy. A number of physicians are reporting instances of bacterial infections, allegedly resulting from the use of CBD oil and CBD paste.

How do I formulate my individual home formula?
We are happy to recommend trusted formulation experts to help you in formulating the isolate for your desired product content.

Is it expensive to formulate my own for individual use?
1 gram individual formulation savings range from $280 to $550 per month vs. retail purchase.

How can you help me with formulation for my products?
We have professional laboratories familiar with any formulation required. CBD PUR US will provide present customers sharing information/providing formulation services in tincture, drops, creams, tablets, vape oil, capsules, gum, gel caps, edibles, etc. – as a new customer or you may prefer to formulate yourself. We offer this service to insure your formulation success as many CBD companies have little or no experience with 100% pure CBD crystallized powder. We are a business partner in CBD infused products not a bystander after the sale.

What if I need additional information or help with formulation?
Please call (843) 442-2644 for information.

This news and information feed is provided as a convenience and does not imply any medical benefit or endorse any medical or other uses of CBD PUR products.

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