Citizens of Texas protest for medical marijuana legalization


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In Austin, Texas time ran out for HB-2107

The legislation would have allowed doctors to prescribe what they considered to be an appropriate ratio of CBD to THC in products to be dispensed to patients diagnosed with one of the conditions listed on the bill, such as autism, epilepsy, PTSD and cancer.  On May 2nd the bill was approved by the house Pubic Health Committee in a 7-2 vote after testimony from about 70 supporters of the bill.  Unfortunately the paperwork needed to bring the bill up for a vote from the full house was only completed three hours before the deadline.  No special calendar meeting was called to hear its addition so the bill was unable to proceed further.  Within 36 hours after the committee vote almost 80 legislators signed up as co-authors of the bill, 28 of whom where Republicans and including 4 of the 5 doctors who are members of the House, assuring that the bill would have passed had the calendar committee allowed it to be voted upon.

The impact on patients

In 2015 Texas passed the Compassionate Use Act which allows epilepsy patients to be prescribed medical cannabis after all standard prescription medications have failed.  For the many other ailments with which people hope can be helped by the use of cannabis circumstances are unchanged. Medical marijuana patient “Until the laws are changed for those of us in need, Texas will continue to incarcerate the chronically ill and their caregivers, destroying good Texas families, and driving taxpaying Texas citizens away as medical refugees,” says Clifford Deuvall, a disabled Vietnam veteran.

Meanwhile HB-81, is scheduled to be heard by the House

HB-81 would replaced criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana with a simple ticket so there is still hope for an improvement in the legal dilemma for those who feel that cannabis offers them the only hope for relief from medical problems.


By George Bennet,
freelance journalist

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