Memphis grandmother wins ticket to see pope in Washington D.C. with plans to bring awareness to Cannabidiol (CBD)

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A grandmother fighting for a new federal bill, the Therapuetic Hemp Medical Access Act of 2015, which would allow for the use of medical cannabidiol and hemp oil, wins a ticket to see the pope in Washington, D.C. She plans to use it to draw support for the bill and discuss it with Senator Bob Corker.

Gail Grauer’s daughter , Chloe, who was only three years old passed away due to a seizure. Grauer’s daughter has suffered a total of 75,000 seizures in the short 3 years that she has been alive. Grauer told Fox 13 in Memphis that her grandaughter Chloe has been on many different medications, over 25, and her family believes that Cannabidiol (CBD), a nonpsychoactive constituent of the marijuana plant could cured their daughter and saved her life.

“We want to help these other children across the nation and make sure people understand we’re talking about a non-intoxicating component of cannabis that can help relieve the pain and suffering of these young children,” said Grauer.

Grauer and her sister who has been a nun for 50 years won a ticket to see the Pope from a lottery ran by Congressman Steve Choen. She said, “He’s (Pope Francis) a moral voice that needs to be heard,” said Sister Handwerker. “How he does that in congress and his message he has for congress or what message he has for the families it’s also… about the importance of family life.”

In memory of Chloe, Grauer and Chloe’s parents have a fund that they’ve set up with the Realm of Caring Foundation to help families in Tenessee with the costs of Cannabidiol treatment which averages around $250, Grauer said. To donate, Click Here.

For the full story by Fox 13 Memphis, Click Here.

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