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NeoCanna Introduces World’s First Time-Release CBD Product

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NeoCanna, based in Denver, Colorado, has released an exciting “first” for customers who rely on CBD products for their health — a once-a-day 24 hour time release CBD tablet.  This new product uses a patented (brand name Liniex) bi-layer design incorporating an immediate-release layer and a sustained-release layer providing both the initial dose and the sustained-release dose.

The decision to use CBD sourced from CBD PUR US  as the active ingredient assures product safety since it incorporates +99% CBD which is free of the pesticides, heavy metals, humic acid, cuticle plant wax, chemical fertilizers and dangerous microbes which are a major problem with many providers of CBD, whether in isolate or other forms such as oils, liquids and pastes.

NeoCanna’s decision to produce a product which uses water soluble CBD assures greatly enhanced bioavailability and rapid onset of efficacy.  About 40% of new chemicals discovered by the pharmaceutical industry are almost insoluble in water; many fail to reach market for this reason.  Achieving water solubility in conjunction with high permeability is clearly a challenge so NeoCanna’s product is a big step forward in providing practical, affordable CBD delivery to the public.  Greatly enhanced bioavailability is the key to cost effective CBD use.  The water soluble CBD  (brand name SDP46) used in producing the tablet provides consistent delivery without the need for spoons, eye droppers and the like coupled with once-a-day convenience.  NeoCanna’s time release measurements are shown in their table:

Table of 24 hour release amounts of CBD in hourly intervals

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