New Legislation ‘Cannabis for Kids’ has Been Filed

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MUNCIE – State Rep. Sue Errington, D-Muncie expects the House speaker to assign her medical marijuana bill to the “graveyard committee”again.

However, a bill related to Cannabis that was incorporated by Jean Leising, the Senate Agriculture Committee Chair, whose district also extends to the southern Henry County, has a very strong possibility of being enacted.

Errington addresses Leising’s Senate Bill 72 as “a great move”.

An interim study committee was set up to address to discuss the legality of cannabidiol (CBD) oil with the aim being to provide treatment for children with seizures. The committee proceeded to cast a vote that tallied 10-0 in support of the proposed legislation (SB 72). This legislation was established to help provide immunity against the prosecution of the Hoosier doctors running trials on how effective CBD oil for taking care of seizures could be.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), there has been a growing interest in the therapeutic effects of CBD, partly in reply to the media’s focus on the usage of CBD oil in children having intractable seizure disorders. In a documentary titled “Cannabis for the kids”, National Geographic reported about parents who seek the help of medical marijuana for their sick children.

Under the federal law, CBD oil is unlawful because it derives from the same plant that produces cannabis sativa, marijuana. However, during the committee sittings, it was made known to Leising that a doctor from Indianapolis has gotten permission from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to carry out a trial on sick children who have serious epileptic issues.

Although the federal authorities have officially sanctioned the trial, Leising expressed concern that, speaking technically, a prosecutor that is overzealous could prosecute any doctors carrying out such trials.

The Prosecuting Attorney Council from Indiana informed the committee that CBD oil is by the same means as the unlawful hash oil, and legalizing the CBD oil would automatically legalize the production of hash oil, causing a havoc in the hash oil labs.

Errington regards SB 72 as “a great move,”saying, “if this little pilot bill passes, that might be another significant move.” While this may just be a primary step, there are several other situations which might benefit, such as the pain of Glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, PTSD, Cancer, Hepatitis C, Alzheimer’s. Also, because of the consequences in treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the Veterans organizations have really acted tough for their marijuana medication bill.

According to the DEA, because of the presences of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), this is why marijuana is classified as a controlled substance. This is mainly because CBD contain less than 1 percent of THC and has potentially displayed significant medicinal importance.

In about 24 states and the District of Columbia, legislation has been passed allowing marijuana to be used for various medical conditions. Also, more than 12 additional states have enacted laws that support the use of CBD oil and/or high-CBD strains of marijuana, states the NIDA.

The Indiana General Assembly hasn’t given Errington’s previous medical marijuana legislation a hearing. She added saying, “I consider it essential to have the issue addressed by the public and the legislature because there is a wide support for it.” According to her survey of constituents, marijuana has more support than the sales of Sunday alcohol.

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