Scientific Breakthrough Increases Bioavailability of CBD Isolate

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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The International Cannabidiol Organization of Manufacturers and Research (ICOMR.ORG) jointly announce a scientific breakthrough with CBD Pur US, a leader in 99%+ Pure Pharma Grade Quality CBD isolate. The joint study revealed a significant increase in bioavailability of CBD in the human body, using a 25mg dosage of their SDP water soluble CBD product. The new SDP product can increase availability from 4%-46% depending upon each person’s metabolism.

ICOMR and CBD Pur US, commissioned a study to better understand Cytochrome P450 enzymes (CYP450) in human body digestion. Six of more than 50 enzymes present in CYP450, metabolize 90% of drugs/food supplements in the digestion process. The study revealed polymorphism can determine how well a CYP450 enzyme metabolizes a drug, if at all.

The SDP bio-enhancers were engineered to cause CYP450 enzymes to bind with another significant enzyme, CYP3A4. In simple terms, the amount of CBD reaching the blood stream is significantly increased due to binding effect. More CBD makes it through the metabolic process versus traditional CBD isolate, paste and oil products.

“Higher bioavailability can effectively reduce the amount of CBD necessary for each person to find the amount needed for their individual efficacy,” says Richard Stallworth, director of “The SDP delivers immediately in the lingual and sublingual on its journey to the stomach, where the SDP passes through the stomach lining directly into the blood stream without normal destruction associated with the CYP450 system.”

In spring 2015, CBD Pur US developed a 4th scientific extraction process, removing humic acid indigenous to all hemp plants and therefore eliminated product liability regarding toxin growth in CBD products. Humic acid’s job, as an organic fertilizer, is to grow things. Successfully removing humic acid establishes a Pharma Grade Quality isolate protecting manufacturers from toxic growth, costly product recalls, and possible legal actions from consumer sickness, as in California. (Project CBD Page 17-18, October 2014).

The CBD Pur US Pharma Grade isolate is the same 99%+ pure isolate used to formulate SDP water soluble CBD. Company products contain all GRAS ingredients, are non-synthetic, Certified Organic; and extracted from stems and stalks from U.S. grown industrial hemp containing less than 0.3% THC and meeting DEA acceptable standards.

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