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CBD For Glaucoma?

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The following press release from InMed indicates something in the pipeline involving using cannabinoids for opthalmic treatment: InMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCQB: (IMLFF; CSE: IN) is a preclinical-stage biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of novel therapeutics leveraging the pharmacological benefits of cannabinoids. Utilizing its proprietary …

New Legislation ‘Cannabis for Kids’ has Been Filed

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MUNCIE – State Rep. Sue Errington, D-Muncie expects the House speaker to assign her medical marijuana bill to the “graveyard committee”again. However, a bill related to Cannabis¬†that was incorporated by Jean Leising, the Senate Agriculture Committee Chair, whose district also extends to the southern Henry …

Israeli Researchers: Whole-Plant Extract More Effective than Synthetic CBD

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As cannabidiol takes the medical world by storm, blowing researchers away as they discover use after use for it, it’s important to understand just what CBD is, what it can do, what it can’t do, and what factors underlie its relative effectiveness or ineffectiveness at …

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Controversial Cannabis Treatment Helps 9-Year-Old Boy Speak His First Words

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By Beth Greenfield – Senior Writer – Yahoo Parenting, June 3, 2015 Though Kalel Santiago of Puerto Rico is only 9 years old, he’s already endured some adult-level struggles. At just 10 months, he was diagnosed with the rare childhood cancer neuroblastoma, and spent more …