The Difference between CBD Isolate and CBD Oils and Pastes

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What is the Difference between CBD Isolate and CBD Oils and Pastes?

You may have heard of CBD oils and pastes, but you may be less familiar with a third form, CBD isolate. CBD isolate is a powder form of cannabidiol. When deciding which type of CBD is right for your business, there are some important factors to consider about each.

Which CBD Form is the Safest?

To avoid any legal liability, you’ll want to choose the best-manufactured CBD product in terms of safety and reliability. With that said, there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding the production quality of CBD oils and pastes. It is unclear, for example, if the manufacturing process used by CBD oils and pastes fully removes the humic acid, a natural fertilizer used to grow hemp that can cause contamination by enabling other bacteria to grow. There is also concern about lingering pesticides as well.

CBD isolate, however, fully eliminates all traces of humic acid and other harmful chemicals while retaining the product’s overall efficiency and maximizing its shelf life. In fact, the procedure to make CBD isolate even removes any potential toxic heavy metals and cuticle wax, too. This has been verified by Oregon Analytical Services, which found one brand to be %99.999 CBD with “no debris visible”.

Which Product has the Best Absorption Rate?

Topical CBD products such as oils and pastes are absorbed through the skin, which means that they take a longer amount of time to enter the bloodstream than that of a powder form, which reaches the bloodstream through the intestinal lining of the digestive system. In terms of delivery mechanisms, CBD isolate products are superior.

Which is Easiest to Take?

When applying any type of oil or paste onto the skin, it can be very difficult to tell exactly how much product you are using. This forced estimation can often result in an inconsistent or even ineffective dosage, negating any health benefits.

A CBD product in powder form, however, allows you to consistently measure each dose to ensure that you are ingesting the same amount of product each time. This will allow you to find your own correct dosage more efficiently, with less waste and quicker results.

Which Product is the most Cost-Effective?

CBD oils and pastes can be expensive to manufacture. This means that they are generally have a higher price label than the isolate version without necessarily being a better overall product.

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