The Growing Trend of Cannabidiol, Analyzing Google Trend Data for CBD (Part 1)

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By Wes Dacosta

Virtually unknown in common culture before the new century, the potent and beneficial cannabis extract Cannabidiol (CBD) burst onto the scene with promises of endless medicinal benefits. And it hasn’t let us down. With consistent journal, publications and news articles throughout the late 2000s, CBD was slowly becoming a common topic in medical circles around the world. However lately, the influx of pro-user opinions and pro-support news stories is quickly turning CBD from an unfamiliar underground term to a household name.

Using Google Trends, a company can analyze search data to learn locational popularity and target specific areas for growth and sales opportunities. The following analysis is for both the search terms “Cannabidiol” and “CBD” (it’s abbreviation). I have dug into some of these numbers to undercover the true meaning of the data and to analyze the growing trend of the industry. This is a two- part article. The first part will look at trends in the United States and the second part will focus on global appeal.

With relatively low activity (shown by having no data on the trend charts) pre 2010, Cannabidiol is noticeably a somewhat recent phenomenon. Since July 2013, search trends for the extract have steadily increased reaching an all time high of related queries in November 2015. What does this mean for the current popularity of the compound? Well for one thing, it tells us that positive news snowballs. A once uncommon term begins exponentially growing in appeal and interest as soon as exciting information is brought to the forefront. In the United States, both web and news searches began gaining reputation around 2012 and have been steadily increasing ever since. This is likely due to the first big news article to sweep the nation; a San Francisco Chronicle piece titled “Pot Compound Seen as Tool Against Cancer” (find the article here: The emergence of this discovery excited medical professionals, market researchers and communities across the country for obvious reasons.

In North America, the highest search popularity comes from Colorado natives holding an overwhelming majority of the queries. It should come as no surprise that they lead the charge in CBD related searches since 2012. This is likely due to recreational legalization of cannabis in the state around this time. With cannabis being a hot newsworthy topic, the information floodgates opened to a public wanting to learn as much about the recently prevalent compound as possible. Second in search popularity to Colorado are the states of Washington, California and Florida. The cannabis culture has been a common discussion in these areas for sometime so there’s no shock that these states are at the forefront of CBD research.

All in all, the future trend forecast is promising. As more news stories break and more clinical studies highlighting the favourable properties are conducted, the public eye will catch on. It’s been a slow trend, as shown in early query statistics, but the recent spike in popularity is encouraging for a successful CBD future.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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