The Medicinal Power of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabis

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Using Cannabidiol (CBD) from Hemp to Heal Arthritis, Nausea, Pain, and Other Ailments.

It’s no surprise that cannabis has healing powers, but whether or not using it to treat common ailments should be legalized continues to be a hot topic of debate among government leaders and medical practitioners alike. Cannabidiol comes from the Cannabis plant, an herb whose leaves can be extracted and used as a recreational drug, allowing users to feel a euphoric high. But the cannabis plant has many non-psychoactive properties as well. Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant and has been proven to have all the healing powers of marijuana without the psychoactive (“high”) properties.

With over thirty years of experience in integrated holistic health, Dr. John Hicks presents here his extensive knowledge and research. In this revolutionary book, Dr. Hicks touches on an area of holistic health that many medical practitioners have over looked in the past. He begins by explaining the root cause of most diseases, and then illustrates how inflammation progresses into the various diseases and ailments that plague us. Finally, he shows how CBD can stop the inflammation and heal the problem.

CBD has been shown to help:
• Anxiety
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Seizures
• Huntington’s disease
• Nausea and vomiting
• And much, much more.

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