The new emerging CBD Industry, what’s all the hype?

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The CBD industry continues to cause a stir across the country as many patients are requesting medical marijuana as a treatment option. Although some states have legalized medical marijuana for residents to use as treatment, there are still some states who have not legalized marijuana. Unfortunately, if a patient with a serious medical condition does not live in a state with legal access to medical cannabis derived CBD, they may feel like they cannot find the relief that they need to lead a strong and healthy life.

That’s where hemp derived CBD comes in. You see, agricultural or industrial hemp and medical marijuana are both produced from the cannabis plant. The difference is that hemp grows differently from medical marijuana that flowers, as hemp grows in stalks and looks more like bamboo. Industrial hemp can grow up to 15 feet before it’s harvesting, making it’s yield pretty significant. This industrial hemp includes the same properties in its CBD as cannabis derived CBD, making it a great (and legal) supplement for patients who can’t get medical marijuana, but can get CBD from hemp.

What Is Hemp-Derived CBD Oil?

CBD oil that is derived from hemp is an oil that is carefully extracted from the stalks and seeds of the industrial hemp plant. These plants are specially bred by botanists to contain a high accumulation of CBD. CBD Pur US achieves a 99.5% purity by combining an diverse background in chemistry, research, breeding, planting, seed business, and industrial production. Patients cannot get “high” or “stoned” when they consume CBD oil that is derived from hemp as it does not contain any of the psychoactive properties medical marijuana is known to contain.

Hemp-derived CBD products are legal in the United States. You don’t need a prescription or a permit to buy it, and when you provide pure CBD oil to your customers you are allowing them another form of relief. CBD Pur US has the technology to extract all of the natural nutrients from the hemp plant without using harmful solvents like other CBD suppliers.

A Closer Look at Industrial Hemp

Hemp has been prominent in history for over 10,000 years. The cultivation of hemp requires no pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals and is grown in rotation with other crops and is completely sustainable. Hemp was also our first agricultural crop, and was one of the most important industries in the plant until late last century. Hemp is grown for commercial use in England, Australia, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Poland, Russia, India, and pretty much all throughout Asia. Hemp seed and hemp seed oil are high in essential fatty and amino acids, high in protein, and high in vitamins.

The benefits don’t end there. Hemp is the most durable of all natural fibers and hemp would be a great source of fuel as hemp ethanol burns cleanly. Even major players in history have been known to farm hemp, including the first president of the United States, George Washington. There’s no doubt that industrial hemp has a rich history in our world’s economy and will continue to as it’s popularity grows.

How easy is it to get started with CBD products?

Getting started with providing CBD products to your customers is easy. When you’re ready to start providing your customers with Pharma-Grade CBD products or you need more information about CBD and CBD formulation we will work with you to get your order started. Along with your order, we provide you with a formulation that sets you up for success, whether you’re looking for tinctures, creams, or just normal CBD oil. We can even ship it ready for your customers to use.

There are many differences between industrial hemp and medical marijuana, so why wait for medical marijuana to become legal when you can start giving your customers an alternative way to treat ailments from chronic conditions and issues in life. Industrial hemp has the possibility of changing the entire economy of the United States in a beneficial way, and by providing CBD products to the general public you give them the ability to lead a better life in a safe and natural way. CBD Pur US provides you and your customers with a truly one of a kind product that is effective in providing a more balanced lifestyle.

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