Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Medical Use

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Medical cannabis comes in different forms and flavors in a large variety of strains. CBD can be extracted from different strains and created into a high CDB low – THC oil that is very effective when used medically. CBD is a non-psychoactive component and when extracted into a pure oil, there is no worry of getting a high. Another form of medical cannabis is the whole plant itself. Different strains have different amounts of CBD and THC. When picking a strain for medical use, you generally want to pick a strain that is high in CBD with lower amounts of THC. Listed below is the top 10 most popular medical cannabis strains.

Top 10 Medical Cannabis Strains
1.    Harlequin
2.    ACDC
3.    Charlotte’s Web
4.    Sour Tsunami
5.    Canna Tonic
6.    Omrita RX
7.    White Widow
8.    Desert Frost
9.    Bubba Kush
10.    R-4

Not everyone believes that medical cannabis is a miracle drug. Some think the whole subject is a myth. With the research that has been done on medical cannabis and its components such as CBD, it has shown that cannabis plants and oils provide very effective medical aid. It has proven to help nausea, headaches, pain, seizures, cancer, and more. Real patients have benefited from the use of medical cannabis. They describe marijuana as a miracle drug and prove to unbelievers that CBD is not a myth.

At age six, Jeremy was diagnosed with Acute Viral Encephalitis and was hospitalized for over a month. During that month, doctors didn’t know how to control Jeremy’s seizures. Continuing to seize, the various amounts of medication that he was taking put him in a drug-induced coma for 5 days. Doctors reported to Jeremy’s family that he might not make it out of the coma. Left with severe brain injuries, Jeremy survived the coma and continued to have seizures. He would have up to 20 seizures a day lasting two to five minutes. He is now non-verbal and is under constant supervision. Instead of his medications being effective, they increased Jeremy’s pain, leaving horrible side-effects such as skin burn, gum disease, severe insomnia, and many others. Then, Jeremy was introduced to whole plant cannabis therapy. He began to get full night sleeps without any twitches or spasms. Eventually, the side effects from previous medication disappeared and the amount of seizures he had a day dropped. Jeremy still seizes, but medical cannabis helped reduce the amount significantly.

Sharon Kelly
At 54 years old, Sharon Kelly was diagnosed with non-small-cell lung cancer. As time went by, the cancer made its way to her lymph nodes and the lining of her stomach. With a 5cm tumor stuck in her lungs, Sharon was expected to live up to 9 months. Due to her having stage four lung cancer, she was not valid for chemo or radiation treatments. Doctors say such treatments would only make her condition worse. Sharon pleaded the doctors for some sort of treatment. With no help from the doctors, Sharon’s youngest daughter introduced her to cannabis oil. With no other beneficial option, Sharon took her daughters advice and gave cannabis oil a try. Within a few months, the tumor in her lungs shrunk from 5cm down to 2.1cm. After seven successful months passed by, she was pleased with the great news of being cancer free. Thirteen months later, Sharon Kelly remains cancer free due to the aid of cannabis oil.

CBD supplements and the massive benefits they bring are here to stay. As law makers ease the laws of medical cannabis due to demands of the public, entrepreneurs rush to get in on the action.

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