U.S. Government admits that Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

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Over the decades the Multi-National Pharmaceutical Industry, the For-Profit Prison and Law Enforcement Industry, the Federal Government and National Institutes of Health (NIH), completely buried the truth over a natural remedy and cancer relief medication. Two weeks ago, the federal government and National Institute of Health (NIH) have secretively confirmed that Cannabis (marijuana) is an anti-cancer killer that doesn’t harm healthy body cells unlike radiation and chemotherapy. On their official Website, cancer.gov, NIH truthfully revealed that Marijuana is effective at fighting cancer after over four decade of willfully withholding the truth from the public due to planned rumors and harmful propaganda blacklisting the “weed” as unhealthy. That was done to satisfy the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, the prison system, the local and state law enforcement agencies and the federal government.

Department of Health’s National Cancer Institute is now “advising that cannabinoids are useful in treating cancer and its side effects by eating it in a baked product, smoking, drinking it as herbal teas, or spraying it under the tongue.”

Interestingly, not only had NIH known the truth, with loads of scientific evidence, that the compounds in marijuana, cannabinoids (delta-9 THC and cannabidiol [CBD]) effectively destroy cancer cells, they have uncovered how it happens. In the 1970s, after hectic marijuana propaganda of not being useful, without value to humans and blacklisted as heroin, the Department of Health’s National Cancer Institute is now “advising that cannabinoids are useful in treating cancer and its side effects by eating it in a baked product, smoking, drinking it as herbal teas, or spraying it under the tongue.” Recently, the U.S. Department of Health listed benefits of medicinal application of marijuana like blocking cancerous cell growth, relieving muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis sufferers, lowering anti-inflammatory activities, effective anti-viral agent, and an anti-bacterial agent that prevents the growth of blood vessels that supports tumors.

The scientific research of the National Institute of Health has revealed that cannabinoids is effective in treating colon cancer and greatly lowers the risk of contracting it.

A research shows that delta-9-THC destroyed liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma), and killed cancer molecules in “non-small cell lung and breast cancer cell.” A critical study in estrogen receptors shows that cannabidiol effectively kills breast cancer cells without affecting healthy breast cell.” Also, suppose cancer was not diagnosed in advanced cancer stages, when administered with chemotherapy, CBD and THC greatly enhances chemotherapy’s effectiveness and restoring appetite and alleviates nausea related issues.

Although being a high killer of Americans, cancer treatment is a multi-billion dollar profit for the pharmaceutical industry and treatment centers. Rightly as people have guessed, cancer cures, effective and less difficult treatments procedures has been buried by the big-guns of pharmaceutical and hospital industry in order continue to extract patients of billions of dollars yearly to fight their disease with radiation, pills, and continuous surgical operations. For instance, the National Cancer Institute has profited immensely and spent over $90 billion attempting to proffer cancer cures. It’s shocking and painful that the organization had known that a concrete scientific research report revealed that the “medicinal weed,” 3,000 year old, that any American could grow in their garden was finally killing cancer cells, reducing deadly tumors, and alleviating the effects of the disease. Cannabis has proven to lower painkiller (opioid) consumption averaging 47% that that drug companies couldn’t allow it to become clear public knowledge. That could be why the NIH, the Health Department, and the National Cancer Center began propagating the weeds benefits only in British media not the American.

In June, there was no news that President Obama had lifted restrictions to promote extensive and detailed cannabis research thereby eradicating hurdles to open-up substantial significant research on the weed’s health value, when it surprisingly removed “additional review” of the Public Health Service (PHS). The least the law enforcement agencies and the massive profitable prison industry desired was for marijuana’s health value and benefit to become publicly known to avert their calls for weed to be decriminalized. There is great fortune in imprisoning Americans for using weed recreationally that might also relieve their abundant ill health. So, the pharmaceutical industrial organizations desires to become multibillion dollar richer by the ineffective and costly treatments that gradually kills cancer patients, and the law enforcement industry succeeds on continually criminalizing common weed.

For people who have seen the horrible suffering and excruciating pains cancer patients experience, the alarming fact is that over two decades, there has been empirical scientific findings which proved that cannabinoids is effective in eliminating cancer. However, due to great profits in maintaining the disease with inefficient drugs, fraudulent treatment centers, and manufacturing radiological machines, only in April did the U.S. government’s National Institute on Drug Abuse update their publications and agree to the many health benefits of applying cannabis for medicinal usage.

There is possibility that likely an American in the U.S. is now aware, and/or has lost a loved one to this terrible killer-disease, and it is wickedness that the medical industry helped hide an incredibly cheap and most-effective cancer-destroyer drug out of reach of patient who had died and others terribly suffering. Presently, it is unknown who is responsible in the US government for helping to cover the now-proven medicinal benefits of weed, or the government official that revealed that over the past decade(s) the National Institute of Health and Department of Health have known that rather than be termed as “dangerous” like heroin, marijuana destroys cancer cells; a truth that can relieve cancer patients. Correctly, marijuana is not a miracle drug, however, with recent discoveries of how much better it does than make a consumer laugh, tired, and/or hungry, one can easily grasp why Americans are not growing and benefitting from the great health benefits of marijuana. But by classifying it as illegal only make the pharmaceutical industrial complex and the prison industry become multi-billion dollar richer not minding the thousand deaths and sufferings of cancer patients.

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