UK Government approves cannabis oil sales

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By Curtis Howell, CBD PUR US, August 18, 2015

Charlotte’s Web cannabis oil, a hot product for treating diverse and critical health conditions including epilepsy is now on sale after authorities in the UK legally approved it in July, 2015.

Detailed information on the cannabis oil supplements has been updated at by the UK distributor, UK CBD company, a London and Kent-based company. Information gathered revealed that CBD is the synonym for Cannabidiol, a Phytocannabinoids present in Cannabis plant. Although CBD is found in various Hemp, it is non-psychoactive; making it an alternative treatment for schizophrenia which is safe and well-tolerated and may reduce schizophrenic symptoms due to its apparent ability to stabilize disrupted or disabled NMDA receptor pathways in the brain.

Nicolas Ellis, UK CBD’s CEO, stated that the variety of Charlotte’s Web products are used as daily dietary supplements and that Hemp is well-off in omega three and six, vitamins, and minerals. According to Nicolas, the stretch of cannabis in the product does not give one ‘a high’ as if smoking cannabis.

Interestingly, Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN, drew the attention of the international community to ‘Charlotte’s Web’ products after he gave detailed and positive remarks of how the CBD products effectively aided in curing five year old Charlotte Figi, whom had severe epilepsy, in Colorado. According to Dr. Sanjay, cannabis oil effectively ended Charlotte Figi’s severe seizures, he concluded in his 2012 report.

CBD’s Medicinal and Health Value

Apart from CNN’s Dr. Sanjays’ report, articles, reviews, and/or documentaries like the Culture High has spread awareness of CBD oil’s medicinal importance and value to the public, not only in the UK, but to the international community. According to Nicholas, “As the pioneers in the UK CBD market we are extremely proud to partner with CW Botanicals and legally add their exclusive ‘Charlotte’s Web’ products to our already impressive range,” he said. Furthermore, Nicholas, the CEO posited that the introduction of the CBD’s range of products to the markets in the UK will alleviate the sufferings of people from ‘endocannabinoid’ [a proposed spectrum disorder that has been implicated in a range of illnesses, including fibromyalgia, migraine and irritable bowel syndrome system deficiencies] and people who wish to nutritiously boost their daily food intake and dietary supplements.

Although, in July, a suit legislation of the Charlotte’s Web drug drew the approved signatories of over 125,000 in just four days after the petition; Cosmopolitan reported that ‘marijuana’ is still a ‘class B’ drug and anyone possessing cannabis can be charged, and if guilty, is liable to about five years in prison.


In a related development, Ebbu, an American company has innovated cannabis oils for creating different ‘feelings’ among people who use it. It is important to note that the flavours can giggle, initiate, energize, chill, and be blissful. Also, Ebbu oils will be added in cannabis fizzy drinks and cakes.

Currently, Ebbu is planning to merchandise its products in states where cannabis is legal. Ebbu gets its oil produced via distilling different cannabinoids extracts from marijuana plants to give such different feelings. Still on human feelings, co-founder of Ebbu, Dooma Wendschuh said, “Consumers don’t purchase edibles based on flavoring, they purchase on the basis of how it’s going to make the person feel.”

Therefore, it is only logical to assert that with the passage of time, cannabis oil supplements will gain much favor in the wider international market when other countries emulate the UK by approving the sale of cannabis oil legally – especially in Europe.

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