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UK NHS Evaluating CBD Vape Pen – Increasing Acceptance of CBD?

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Exciting news from the UK’s National Health Service – they are in the testing phase of the approval process for the UK’s first CBD vaporiser. Since Parliament in July 2015 cursorily dismissed a petition to legalize cannabis across the board this indicates that a more nuanced unrestricted usage of some of the components contained in the plant is going to be the path in the future.

This product seems to be a standard vape pen filled with a coconut oil/CBD “oil” blend. They don’t say how much actual CBD is contained in the pen and the fact that they mix an oil containing cbd (instead of cbd isolate) into more oil (coconut) begs the question as to whether there is enough actual cannabidiol in the product to have any real efficacy. Extracting the oil from European Cultivars could also lead to some heavy metal contamination. Posting actual laboratory analysis of the product would be the way to alleviate some of these concerns.

The move of the NHS to pursue providing cbd to their patients instead of forcing them to pay for it themselves is a promising one. Hopefully other governments are paying close attention.

By George Bennet,
freelance journalist

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