Video: Texas lawmakers to allow epilepsy patients access to Cannabidiol (CBD)

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The Compassionate Use Act, the real world process for medical cannabidiol can begin. “We hope it works well for those people, we are a compassionate organization, a compassionate state”, says Cindy Leon, Public Safety Commission. One family in Texas hopes this will change their lives for the better by allowing their 13 year old daughter to use cannabidiol to treat her epilepsy.

“We live every day with the possibility that it could be our last day with her” explains her mother, Terri Carriker.

The Department of Safety will license three dispensaries in Texas by September 1, 2017. Only people with epilepsy that cannot control it with other medicines can use cannabis oil. Which leaves to question, what about the other patients with equally severe conditions that could benefit from cannabidiol (CBD). Similarly, in Idaho recently, many patients where unhappy when law makers approved 25 individuals but ignored 1,500 other patients who were in need.

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