Water Soluble CBD – Simply Dose Any Amount, Any Food, Any Beverage

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CBD PUR US, announces that Pure Quality Grade water soluble CBD is now available to consumers worldwide and ships FEDEX 24 hours. The company has filed patents domestically and Internationally for the 99%+ pure CBD which dissolves easily in water. “The brand name SDP will revolutionize the dosing of CBD, eliminating consumer frustration in being trapped into a pre-formulated dosage,” according to David Mouser, CEO.

Consumers can easily dose from 12.5 mg to 100mg using simple measuring spoons from the “kitchen utensil drawer.” (Gram scales or complicated measuring devices are a thing of the past) One level teaspoon measures 1 gram of SDP containing 100mg of SDP Quality Grade, PURE CBD. SDP dissolves easily in Tea, Coffee, Milk, Water, Soda, or just sprinkle it on any salad, sandwich or food item. It’s that easy!

SDP CBD contains a patent pending bio enhancer, delivering more CBD to the body than paste, oils, tinctures, and pure crystal isolates. The water soluble CBD immediately enters the body through the lingual and sub lingual with the dosage finishing up nicely in the stomach, where it passes through the stomach lining directly into the blood stream. This Bio Super highway bypasses much of the heavy toll the liver takes; estimated as high as 70% in lost CBD. “It’s more bang for the buck,” according to John Hamilton, VP of marketing and sales. “SDP at 99%+ pure, considerably reduces the expense associated with disputed CBD products, often a mystery, regarding strength and actual content.”

SDP is not a synthetic, is DEA THC compliant, and is completely tasteless. Consumers are no longer locked into developing a taste for edibles infused with CBD. Now, they can create their own CBD edibles; the delivery system is as simple as measuring from 1/8 to 1 teaspoon of CBD, sprinkling on foods, or dissolving in drinks. 10g sell for $200 with reorders at $175 including the company’s standard 24 hour FEDEX delivery.

Hamilton remarked, “With increased CBD reaching the body, the diminished waste factor alone, can significantly reduce consumer cost, making SDP the best CBD product on the market regarding cost and effective efficacy.

CBD Pur US, has offices in the South Carolina, UK, Latin America; the company continues to distribute the highest quality CBD Pure Grade 99%+ Isolate to manufacturers worldwide. For information, pricing and availability, they suggest visiting the company website CBDPurUS.com or call the information hot line at 843-422-1200.

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