Why CBD Isolate is More Profitable for your CBD Business

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In 2016, the demand for CBD continues to climb faster than ever with new research, relaxed laws, and the demand for high quality products. CBD products that are tested regularly for safety and have consistent levels of CBD will dominate the market. It is vital as a CBD business that you test your products regularly and place high priority on the safety and consistency of your products. While laws are being relaxed and it’s becoming easier for patients to get access to the medicine they need, it’s crucial that all product manufacturers and retailers do their part in keeping CBD in the “good graces” of the media.

99% Pure is More Cost Effective

One of the main characteristics is that CBD isolate is 99.99% Pure CBD and this distinguishes it from other forms of CBD such as oils and pastes. Your business can benefit from this by producing higher volume of product while having to purchase less of the CBD component due to its rich purity. This also allows you to provide your customers with a quality product that is reasonably priced to compete in the CBD market.

Safe and Consistent

CBD Isolate is tested regularly and holds a C.O.A. by Oregon Analytical Services. CBD Isolate is derived from CBD-Rich organic hemp and free of any unwanted plant wax, humic acid, or any other unwanted contaminates. We are proud to be the first and currently the only provider of Pure Quality Grade CBD which goes through an extra (fourth) extraction to reach Pure Quality Grade status. You can rely on the consistency and safety of Pure Quality Grade CBD Isolate and feel confident you’re providing a superior product to your consumers.

Longer Shelf Life

CBD oils and pastes simply do not have as long a shelf life as CBD Isolate which can be stored for years in a cool dry place. Oils and pastes eventually lose consistency and begin to grow unwanted bacteria. The choice is clear, a powder form like CBD Isolate is currently the best choice on the market for CBD Product Manufacturers for the most profitable business while providing affordable products to patients.

Whether you are a CBD Manufacturer, Retailer, or Entrepreneur, it’s important to do your own research and decide what’s best for your business. Make sure to get samples and do your own testing before making any large commitment and possibly putting a negative stigma in the media about “another contaminated CBD product” or one that “has no CBD at all”. All businesses should be focused on providing the most effective products to their consumers with safety and consistency being their highest priority.

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